Comcast Out of Control

Comcast has demonstrated time and again that it can’t be trusted and will do anything and everything to undercut its competition, abuse its power, and evade accountability.

The latest news that the company is threatening to cut off its subscribers from Netflix and keep them from buying their own cable modems should be the last straw.

Sign this letter to tell the FCC chairman we can’t wait any longer for him to take action. Free Press will deliver your letter to the chairman before the FCC's anticipated vote on Internet rules in December.

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    Dear FCC Chairman Genachowski,

    We need you to stand up to Comcast and support the American people by:

    --Passing strong Net Neutrality rules on all networks
    --Restoring the FCC’s authority to regulate broadband
    --Investigating Comcast’s anti-competitive behavior
    --Stopping the Comcast-NBCU merger

    Please do whatever it takes to protect Internet users and the open Internet.