Stop the War on Public Media

Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Doug Lamborn have it in for public media. Over the years, both men have introduced numerous bills and written countless editorials attacking NPR and PBS.

Right now, they’re lobbying their fellow members of Congress to block funding for NPR, PBS and your local public media station. 

"We face many hard choices ahead," the letter to their colleagues says, "but defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting should be one of the easier decisions to make." 

Please sign our petition telling Sen. DeMint and Rep. Lamborn that public media supporters are watching and we think enough is enough. We'll deliver your signatures directly to their offices alongside a GIANT banner that says: It's time to defend, not defund, public media. 

Here is a timeline of Sen. DeMint’s and Rep. Lamborn’s efforts to kill public media:
Sen. DeMint: Time to End Taxpayer Funding of NPR, PBS
Lamborn Bill to Defund NPR Gains Momentum

Sen. DeMint: Public Broadcasting Should Go Private
Rep. Lamborn Wants Show to be Over for Public-Broadcasting Funds

GOP Lawmakers Call for Defunding of Public Broadcasting
Rep. Lamborn Goes After Public Broadcasting Money Again

Sign the Petition

Dear Sen. DeMint and Rep. Lamborn:

Every year the majority of Americans rank public media as the best expenditure of taxpayer dollars after only national defense. But year after year you have ignored the public and persisted in attacking public media.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to defend, not defund, public media.

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