Dear Obama: Dial F-C-C for Neutrality

President Obama pledged to take a “back seat to no one” in support of real Net Neutrality. But now his choice to get the job done, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, is pushing a new rule that betrays this promise. 

The rule comes up for a vote at the FCC on Dec. 21. If passed in its current form, it would allow phone and cable companies to stifle online innovation, create high-speed lanes exclusively for the biggest companies, and block open access on mobile phones. This is unacceptable, and President Obama needs to call out Chairman Genachowski for failing to deliver real Net Neutrality.

Before the vote goes down, tell President Obama to pick up his red phone, dial the FCC, and demand real Net Neutrality protections. Click to sign the letter below and we'll send it to the White House.

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    Dear President Obama:

    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski needs to hear from you right now. He came into office last year promising to fulfill your pledge to protect an open and neutral Internet from blocking and discrimination. 

    But he’s now pushing a rule that betrays your promise by allowing phone and cable companies to take control of the Internet away from the hundreds of millions of people who use it every day.

    Please pick up your phone and dial 202.418.1000 for a direct line to Genachowski.

    He needs to hear from you that Americans demand more than a toothless rule. They want real Net Neutrality.