Congress: AT&T Lies

This June, AT&T misled 76 House Democrats into supporting its purchase of T-Mobile. 

They signed a letter repeating AT&T's claim that it needs to merge with T-Mobile to extend its mobile network to 97 percent of the population. They also echoed AT&T’s claim that this merger will "create thousands of jobs… which will greatly contribute to our continuing economic recovery."

We now know that none of AT&T’s claims are true. 

Earlier this month an AT&T lawyer inadvertently leaked a document that revealed AT&T can accomplish its network buildout for one-tenth the cost of acquiring T-Mobile. And despite AT&T’s insistence that the merger will spur job growth, the merger will cost an estimated 20,000 American jobs.

Now that the facts are known, these members of Congress must correct the record by taking their names off the June letter.

Pick up the phone and tell your representative to set the record straight on AT&T, remove his or her name from the letter and oppose the AT&T–T-Mobile merger. 

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