Our Communities Want Real Local Radio

The Federal Communications Commission is about to make some important decisions that will determine the future of Low Power FM radio in the U.S. We need you to tell the FCC to write rules that will open the door to as many new local radio stations as possible.

Here's what's at stake:

  • How many stations there will be: The FCC can decide to allow new stations to operate on waivers. By allowing all stations that will not cause interference to apply for waivers on the second adjacent channel, the number of community radio stations this service can license could more than double. For example, in the greater Atlanta region, waivers could put as many as 25 new stations on the air.
  • How "local" stations are: Some LPFM stations amount to nothing more than computers broadcasting canned programming from national networks. The FCC is considering a proposal that would require stations to produce at least some local content each week. This will help us get real local radio on the air in communities across the country.

Tell the FCC that our communities want real local radio.

Dear Federal Communications Commissioners:


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