Save Our Internet, a project of Free Press, is a movement of millions of everyday people fighting to protect our online freedom. 

  • We believe every American deserves access to high-speed, affordable and open Internet — and that includes those accessing the Internet via wireless devices.   
  • We need policies that protect Internet users, promote universal access and foster competition and innovation in the broadband marketplace.  
  • We must protect every person’s right to connect with everyone else online without interference.

It'll take a fight to achieve these goals. AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and their friends are flooding Washington with lobbyists and campaign cash in their relentless quest to control what we do and say on the Internet.       

Get involved to help us prevent the corporate takeover of the Internet.

Sign our letter urging the Federal Communications Commission and Congress to pass policies that ensure every American has access to fast, affordable and open Internet. 

Dear Member of Congress and Federal Communications Commission:


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