Censorship U?

Arizona State University might need to change its name to “Censorship U” after deciding to block students’ access to popular petition site Change.org, where ASU student Eric Haywood had posted a petition protesting rising tuition costs at the school. 

This blocking is a likely violation of the First Amendment rights of ASU students to speak freely and petition government.

Tell ASU President Michael M. Crow to stop censoring students and blocking the Internet.

Sign the Petition

Dear ASU President Michael M. Crow:

I am very concerned that Arizona State University is blocking access to Change.org.

The rights of students at ASU to organize, to speak online and to petition the government must be protected. The university should not interfere with students’ ability to exercise these basic freedoms.

I urge university administrators to stop censoring students and to reinstate access to Change.org immediately.

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