Change the Channels!

Broadcasters are airing cookie-cutter newscasts in at least 83 of the nation's 210 television markets.

In these markets, the same newscast airs on multiple stations in the same community. Stations share content, reporters and even news anchors. How do broadcasters get away with this? By exploiting loopholes in the Federal Communications Commission's media ownership rules. The practice of covert consolidation has robbed viewers across the country of independent local news.

The FCC is currently investigating covert consolidation and could put an end to it as early as this summer.

To win, we need to make this an issue the agency can’t ignore. Take action now to demand better local news.

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Dear Chairman Genachowski and FCC Commissioners:

The Federal Communications Commission must end broadcasters’ abuse of media ownership rules.

The rules that protect diversity and competition on the airwaves prevent one company from outright owning two or more stations in a given market. But broadcasters are exploiting a loophole and covertly consolidating up to four stations in one community.

It’s time to update the rules and stop covert consolidation. 

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