Open the Files

Right now the Federal Communications Commission is deciding what local TV stations should reveal to viewers like you. 

Do you have a right to know how much local news coverage these stations produce? Do you have a right to know what local issues they cover? And who exactly is paying for the countless political ads they air in an election year?

For decades stations have been legally obligated to make much of this information available via their "public files." But public files are often available only on paper, in dusty file cabinets, in stations that are hard for working people to get to during business hours.

We think it’s time viewers had easy access to this information.

This vital information about how local stations operate should be made available online so you can access it wherever you are. Right now the FCC is taking comments on this important proposal to move public files online. Please urge better disclosure by local broadcasters by signing on to these comments. We’ll deliver your message to the FCC and broadcasters around the country.

TV broadcasters use our airwaves — free of charge. Tell the FCC that we have the right to know exactly how they’re using our property. 

Sign the Petition

Federal Communications Commission,

I deserve to know what's happening at my local TV stations.

I want a searchable online database of the following information:

  • How much money political campaigns spend on advertising at my local stations
  • Who is paying for these ads
  • What public interest programs my stations offer
  • Details on any news-sharing agreements my stations are involved in
  • Disclosure of sponsored segments, and who paid for them

We have a right to know what local broadcasters are doing to serve the news and information needs of our communities.

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    Want to make sure your local broadcaster gets the message? Volunteer to hand-deliver this petition to your local station.



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