Don't Let Broadcasters Keep You in the Dark

Put Broadcasters on Notice

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has already picked a winner in the 2012 elections: broadcast media. 

With a projected $3 billion in political-ad money flooding into local television stations this election season, broadcasters must do right by the viewing and voting public. That means providing real information on the deep-pocketed interests behind this money, and investing profits into comprehensive election coverage.

Let the companies that control local TV stations across the country know that we are watching them. Broadcasters shouldn’t get a free pass in 2012. We’ll deliver your message to their top lobbyist in Washington — the National Association of Broadcasters.

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National Association of Broadcasters:

Campaigns, PACs and Super PACs will spend a projected $3 billion on political ads in 2012.

Most of that money will go into the pockets of local broadcasters. In return, broadcasters must do a better job of disclosing the moneyed interests behind the ads fueling their profits. They must also invest in the kind of hard-hitting political coverage that truly informs viewers.

As members of your communities we demand that you make these changes now before viewers become voters on Election Day.

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