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  • Protect the Future of the Internet
  • Promote Quality Journalism and Diverse Media Ownership
  • Build World-Class Public Media

Read our vision for the future of media and then sign our letter telling the Federal Communications Commission and Congress that we will stand for nothing less than better media for all.

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Dear FCC Commissioners and Members of Congress, 

For too long, decisions about media policy have been made in Washington in the public’s name but without our input or consent. Now, the bold promises of the digital era must be met with bold action.

We call on Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to embrace a set of core principles to guide media policy. Future policy recommendations should:

  • Protect free speech and the free flow of information across all media
  • Connect everyone to high-speed, aff0ordable and open Internet
  • Promote vibrant community, noncommercial and public media
  • Support institutions that produce vital news and programming
  • Encourage diverse, independent and local media ownership
  • Increase access to and training in digital media tools that empower and give voice to everyone

Please stand with the American people in favor of better media through better media policy.

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