MetroPCS: Net Neutrality Violator

A terrible new service plan from MetroPCS — the fifth-largest mobile phone carrier — is the latest round in the phone industry’s war against Net Neutrality. 

The company is limiting users' ability to access certain websites and services, unless they pay extra for the privilege. Under this new plan, customers will be charged extra to access Netflix and Skype, or certain websites using "advanced HTML" on their phones. 

The FCC must enforce its new rules barring such behavior, before other carriers follow suit. 

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    Dear Federal Communications Commission, 

    Mobile phone carrier MetroPCS recently announced new pricing plans that force customers to pay extra to access Netflix, Skype or any website using “advanced HTML” on their phones. If customers choose the cheapest data option, they'll be denied access to all of these online services.

    None of these plans restrict access to YouTube, despite its similar data volume and bandwidth usage.

    Even worse, MetroPCS’s pricing scheme disproportionately affects people of color and urban communities, whom the company recognizes as a major portion of its customer base, and who largely depend on mobile phones to access the Internet.

    This new pricing scheme blatantly violates the FCC's recently passed Net Neutrality rules. The FCC must enforce its new rules, and launch an investigation into these discriminatory practices before other phone carriers follow suit.