Stop Verizon's Illegal App Blocking

What if your Internet service provider told you what kind of computer you could use and what kind of software you could run on it? Would you stand for it? 

It's not a theoretical question. Verizon Wireless and other mobile carriers, with Google's help, are blocking Android applications they don't like from the Android Market.

Take action now to urge the FCC to investigate Verizon's illegal app blocking. 

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    Tell the FCC,

    Two years ago, the FCC licensed Verizon Wireless to use a valuable chunk of the public airwaves — or spectrum — for its 4G data service. This spectrum came with a set of "open access" conditions: Verizon could not block any devices or applications from connecting to its new 4G network.

    But last month, several carriers, including Verizon, asked Google to remove wireless tethering applications from Google's open Android Market, effectively blocking them from being used on all networks, including 4G. 

    Verizon was the only carrier with a legal requirement to keep its 4G network open — but it ignored your rule.

    Open networks are the key to our mobile future. Please hold Verizon accountable for breaking the law.