What’s Your Local TV Station Hiding?

Do you know who owns your local news affiliates? Does your local broadcaster accept “sponsored” news segments? Does it broadcast quality public-interest content or fluff? Do you think a casting call for America’s Next Top Model should count as public-interest programming, as one local broadcaster did?

At Free Press, we’re ramping up a big fight to make sure you know exactly what’s going on at your local TV stations, and we need your help. Please complete this short survey and tell us what you’d like to learn about your local station.

We’ll use the results to show the FCC that people want to know how their local stations are serving their communities. 

Please complete this survey today and let us know what you care about most. 

    How much local news is produced
    Which news segments are sponsored, and who paid for them
    What political ads are being run, and who is paying for those ads
    Whether news aired on my local station is produced by a competitor, a practice sometimes referred to as "covert consolidation"
    What the broadcaster is airing that serves community needs and the public interest

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